Fairmont The Palm

Palm Jumeirah Dubai Dubai

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  1. Pauline

    Having stayed at this beautiful luxury hotel a number times including visiting frequently on pool days I would like to say I feel very safe around the pool. There are plenty of lifeguards who appear excellent, very attentive and friendly whilst keeping the busy pools safe. Security throughout the hotel is good, lots of CCTV coverage and gives you a real sense of being safe & secure.

  2. StaySafe Hospitality

    Fairmont The Palm participates in the International StaySafe Hospitality Certification program. In Sept 2018 the hotel achieved ‘Excellence’, which is the highest level of certification in the program. Our risk audit program is a robust audit that includes health & safety, leisure safety, fire safety, security and crisis management.

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  • Overview

    About Hotel

    Fairmont The Palm is luxury five-star beach resort situated on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.

    Nearest Airport

    • Al Maktoum International Airport – 15.3 miles
    • Dubai International Airport – 16.6 miles
    • Sharjah International Airport – 27.8 miles
  • Cleanliness & Hygiene (Covid-19)
    Property features for accessibility
    • Step free entrance
    • Accessible Parking
    • Valet parking
    In room accessibility
    • Accessible Guest Rooms
    General accessibility features
    Security management & resources
    • Dedicated Security Manager or Director
    • Appointed licenced Security Manager
    • 24/7 available dedicated licenced security team
    • Security Officers
    • Regular security Patrols
    Guest floor access
    • House phones on guest floors
    • Guest Room Numbers not announced on check-in
    In room security
    • Secondary Door Lock
    • Door Eye Peephole viewer
    • In room Safe
    • Telephone with external direct calling
    Physical security & alarms
    CCTV system
    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
    • CCTV System Operational
    • CCTV record storage
    • CCTV - all Entrances and Exits
    • CCTV - Guest Floors
    • CCTV - Public Areas
    • CCTV - Perimeter
    • CCTV – Reception
    • CCTV – Car Parking
    Fire warning & detection systems
    • Automatic Fire Warning & Detection System
    • Alarm Pull Stations or Manual Call points
    • Fire Alarm Control Panel
    • Fire alarm control pane in 24/7 manned area
    Fire suppression & fire fighting equipment
    • Sprinkler Coverage on Guest Floors
    • Sprinkler Coverage throughout the Property
    • Fire Extinguishers throughout the property
    • Fire extinguishers on guest floors
    • Hose Reels throughout the property
    • Hose Reels on guest floors
    In room fire safety features
    • Fire Rated Doors
    • Self Closing Doors
    • Emergency Evacuation Plans
    • Automatic Hardwired Smoke Detector
    Emergency escape routes
    • Emergency Lighting throughout the property
    • Emergency Evacuation Chair
    • Clearly Signed Fire Exit Routes
    • Self closing Fire Rated Doors on Emergency Escape Stairways
    • Push Bars on Final Emergency Exits
    • Final Exit clearly identified
    • Annual Fire Drills Carried Out
    • Regular fire safety awareness training conducted for employees
    • Emergency procedures for persons with disabilities
    In room safety features
    • Window opening restricted
    • Non-Slip Bathtubs
    Balcony safety
    Safety manpower & resources
    • Health & Safety Awareness Training for all employees
    • Risk Assessments / Safety Inspections & Audits
    First AID
    • Qualified First Aiders provided to cover each shift
    • First Aid Boxes Available
    Other safety features
    • Legionella Water Sampling
    • Carbon Monoxide Detection in underground car park
    • Gas Leak Detection
    • No Asbestos
    • Certified Lifeguards on Duty during hours of operation
    • Rules of Use Clearly Displayed
    • Emergency Alarm or Emergency Telephone
    • Life Saving Equipment
    • Depth Markings Clear at Pool
    • Dedicated Childrens' Pool
    • Pool Water Auto Dosing System
    • pH Levels Tested & Recorded Daily
    • Chlorine Levels Tested & Recorded Daily
    • Pool water clear
    • Beach Flag System Operational
    • Beach Certified Lifeguards on Duty
    SPA / Sauna & Steam rooms
    • Sauna Timer
    • Sauna Thermostat
    Gym / fitness facility
    • Rules of Use displayed
    • Drinking Water available
    • Access Controlled
    • Personal Trainer / Gym Instructor available on request
    • Facility Permanently Manned
    Management & resources
    • An appointed person for food hygiene
    • Food Safety Management System in place
    • HACCP Certified
    • Food Handlers trained in basic food hygiene
    • Pest Control Program
    • Raw & Cooked Foods are Separated
    • Colour Coded Food Prep Boards
  • Certifications & Awards

    StaySafe Certified Hotel Sept 2018 – Excellence Certification Level

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