A review platform with a difference

We focus on all hospitality accommodation providers and what they offer to their potential customers in regards to the very important issues of safety, cleanliness & hygiene, security and accessibility. 

Is My Hotel is a review site available for everyone who wishes to join our community, both customers and hoteliers.  Our Hub is a place for customers to share their experiences and potentially influence the businesses.  We enable the hotels to engage with customers and provide opportunities to improve from their customer feedback.

We know how difficult it can be to find genuine reviews and useful information for customers who have specific requirements when booking a place to stay.  We are open to any type of accommodation, including luxury hotels and resorts, bed & breakfast establishments, lodges and camp sites, wherever people stay. 

Todays travellers are savvy, including when making choices of where they book their next trip, and importantly where they stay.  The choices they make are no longer restricted to  the general amenities and facilities offered.   Potential customers care about their safety & security and there are many potential customers with accessibility requirements.  

The global COVID-19 pandemic has raised everyones awareness and expectations to standards of cleanliness and good hygiene practices. This is vitally important in the hospitality sector and that is why we have included COVID-19 Cleanliness & Hygiene into our review program.

We want customers to have the opportunity to make informed choices and Stay Safe!

Covid -19 - Cleanliness & Hygiene

Following the global pandemic of COVID-19 hotels will need to demonstrate to potential guests and businesses they have robust infection prevention and control programs in place. We have added a specific section on our portal to enable hotels to demonstrate what they are doing to keep guests safe and reduce the spread of the virus.


Criminal activity, theft, terror attacks, abuse, rapes & murders are unfortunately common place in many countries, and these happen in many establishments where we choose to stay.

Health & Safety

Most travellers take safety for granted, but unfortunately not every accommodation provider delivers their duty of care to provide a safe place for their guests. There are far too many frequent reports of fires in hotels, legionnaires disease, carbon monoxide poisonings, food poisoning incidents, falls in the bathtub, scaldings, drownings, bed bugs and pest infestations, trips and falls where guests may suffer severe, often life changing injuries.


There are regular stories of guests with disabilities unable to stay at a hotel due to the poor accessibility facilities and unable to find out where they can stay that meets their specific requirements.